Sunday, May 6, 2007

For truly desperate bachelors

TSUKUBA, Ibaraki -- An environmental consulting firm and other developers here have come up with a non-perishable food pack that creates steaming hot rice with the simple addition of cold water.

The group has recently introduced the product, named "Hotto! Raisu," to the market.

By subjecting rice to 4,000 times normal atmospheric pressure, the developers were able to preserve rice for long periods in a soft form that holds moisture. When water is poured over an exothermic agent in the pack, steam warms the rice contained within, and after about 15 minutes, the dish is piping hot.
--Mainichi Daily News on the successor to the genius of ramen noodles


Sophist said...

Aren't there self-warming coffee cups now in the U.S. already?

I do wonder what exothermic reaction is happening. When cold water is added to solid sodium hydroxide, there's quite an exothermic reaction, but then you end up with a deadly, super-caustic alkali. Not exactly tasty with rice.

James Choi said...

I suspect that the exothermic agent is not mixed in with the rice, but is surrounding the bowl holding the rice. Eliminates the need to search for an edible product of an exothermic reaction.

Sophist said...

Yes, I figured that the exothermic reaction would be in a vessel kept separate from the rice, but the idea of the chemical leaching into the rice, or of spilling it if one broke the container, is concerning. but maybe they've probably found a food-grade chemical of some kind..

bchoi said...

You know, they've had microwavable rice for several years already -- and much more affordable at that...