Saturday, May 5, 2007

Getting set up with Jennifer Aniston

Perhaps in reaction to Hollywood’s love-life-in-a-fishbowl, a small number of movie stars are turning to high-end professional matchmakers to introduce them to civilians with no connection to the entertainment world, then spreading the word among their friends...

Not all the celebrities function well outside the privileged world to which they’ve become accustomed. Ms. Adler recalled finding a match for an actress who said she wanted “the guy next door — a mellow, smart, humble guy.” But when her date would choose a restaurant, the actress’s manager or assistant would call and say, “ ‘She really wants to go here,’ ” Ms. Adler said. “She said she wants a man who takes charge, and she kept undoing everything he was doing. And at dinner, it was all about the fans, talking to everyone else.” The couple broke up.

And that appears to sum up the track records of the matchmakers interviewed for this article. None have put together a marriage — yet. Ms. Daniels said she has one celebrity client who has been dating a civilian for about 10 months.

Sometimes the civilians find that dating a celebrity isn’t all they dreamed. Ms. Daniels fixed up one of her girlfriends, an interior designer, with a divorced A-list actor, she said, who found that the actor almost never wants to leave his mansion.

Lately, though, Ms. Daniels has found that some of her non-Hollywood clients have been making requests. “I just had a guy ask me about Jennifer Aniston,” she said. “ ‘If she moves to New York do you think you can get me a date with her?’ ” Why not, she figures, adding that she had tracked down celebrities for her clients before.
--Sharon Waxman, NYT, on celebrity


Sophist said...

James, if you're going to quit your job as a professor and become a full-time blogger, I expect more out of your blog than just quotes. I want commentary!

Oh yeah, when is your "Freakonomics"-style book coming out - the one that will allow you to retire on royalties at age 33?

James Choi said...

Alas, I am not quitting my job as a full-time professor to become a blogger (my wife won't let me), so this blog will remain a quasi-blog: almost exclusively quotes without commentary.

I did get approached last year by a book agent that wanted to know if I was interested in writing a popular book about behavioral economics. I told him that I had to get tenure first!

AbFab2theMax said...

random thought that TheLook and i had: the political science equivalent of levitt and dubner should write a book called "freaking-politics", a book on humorously counterintuitive aspects of our political system.