Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Indy 4!

Some star power is coming to downtown New Haven, where scenes are scheduled to be filmed next month for a sequel to the popular "Indiana Jones" movie series.

A spokesman for director Steven Spielberg confirmed Monday that the fourth installment of the action series will include a car chase set to be filmed on Chapel Street between College and High streets.
--Associated Press on star power coming to New Haven


Sophist said...

Is it actually being set in New Haven, or is New Haven going to be a stand-in for another town? (much as Vancouver is often used as a stand-in for "New York City" in movies...)

Are you going to take a day off to go watch the movie-magic? Sounds like fun! It was really fun being around The Yard when Good Will Hunting was being filmed...

James Choi said...

In my experience, filming is a tedious process, so I probably won't bother watching.