Friday, May 4, 2007

Multitasking pick-me-up

Inventors have created a soap infused with caffeine which helps users wake up in the morning.

The soap, called Shower Shock, supplies the caffeine equivalent of two cups of coffee per wash, with the stimulant absorbed naturally through the skin, manufacturers say.
--Reuters on a way to wake up without interrupting your morning routine


A. Tsai said...

actually, i've bought something from that Web site (thinkgeek) before.

Sophist said...

Hi James, it's me, Annie!

All the effects of caffeine with none of the benefit of anti-oxidants!

The delivery of caffeine - if it is truly as effective as they claim - probably requires some kind of solvent. Meaning that anything else on your skin that is present when you lather up will also be absorbed.

So make sure you don't put on your favorite poison cream before using Shower Shock.

AbFab2theMax said...

God _does_ answer prayers!