Sunday, June 24, 2007

Mr. Ed roll

The restaurant’s owner, Shigekazu Ozoe, 56, said the current situation reminded him of the last time he had no tuna to sell — in 1973, during a scare over mercury poisoning in oceans when customers refused to buy it. At that time, he tried to find other red-colored substitutes like smoked deer meat and raw horse, a local delicacy in some parts of Japan.

“We tasted it, and horse sushi was pretty good,” he recalled. “It was soft, easy to bite off, had no smell.”

If worse comes to worst, he said, he could always try horse and deer again. The only drawback he remembered was customers objecting to red meat in the glass display case on the counter of his sushi bar.
--Martin Fackler, NYT, on responses to the growing tuna shortage

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Jess Austin said...

It's too bad that "animal welfare" advocates have pushed through law after law in the last couple of years that have made it more difficult to slaughter the great surplus of American horses. Drive across the backroads of the Midwest and West, and you'll see the inevitable results of the collapse of the low end of the horse market: fields, yards, and lots filled with malnourished horses of all ages.

If only they hadn't killed Ferdinand.