Friday, June 22, 2007


After a flurry of accounts this week about financial offers to land the first post-prison interview with Paris Hilton, both ABC and NBC said today that they no longer had any interest in securing the interview...

At the same time, the Hiltons had concluded an agreement with People magazine for the first exclusive post-release interview with Ms. Hilton in print. The magazine had agreed to pay a fee, reported to be $300,000, for photographs of Ms. Hilton’s homecoming from jail...

Whatever understandings were in place with any of the media outlets, all of them, including People’s deal for print rights, came apart Thursday night after a spokesman for the Hilton, Michael Sitrick, released a statement saying that Paris Hilton would not receive payment of any kind for the interview or for what he called “collateral material,” like the photos or videos.

“I don’t think it was playing tonally the way the way the Hiltons wanted it to play,” said one of the executives involved in the negotiations. “They decided it looked bad asking for this money so they just pulled out of everything.”
--Bill Carter, NYT, on quick reversals

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