Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Storing opened wine

It’s a problem that’s as old as wine itself: The imbibing is over for the evening, but there’s good wine left in the bottle. Since wine’s flavor is so delicate, how best to preserve it for another night?

A lot of people turn to wine-preservation systems that seek to retard or stop oxidation, the chemical process that degrades wine. If you’re among those who swear by such systems, we have surprising news, based on our tests of four widely known brands: No system beat simply recorking the bottle and sticking it in the fridge. ...

The connoisseurs found few differences between the stored and new bottles. The chardonnay, stored for 10 days, tasted pretty uniform; one judge wondered if it had all come from the same bottle. There was a noticeable variation between the new bottle of cabernet sauvignon and bottles that had been stored for eight days, though testers still said new and old bottles were still “more similar than different.” The zinfandel, stored for 22 days, had aged badly with all storage methods.
--Consumer Reports on the hardiness of opened wine

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