Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Super-fat goalies

For hockey, the question is simple and has been asked thousands of times by hardcore sports fans and casual observers... Why not go out and find the fattest goalie you can to block the net?

The only way to fully test this theory was to get an NHL team to shoot against the faux fatso. My esteemed editor, Jed Donahue, got in touch with a fellow Georgetown graduate who was doing nearly as well as he is: Ted Leonsis, billionaire owner of the Washington Capitals, whom the Sporting News once called one of the twenty most powerful people in sports... And while his vision may not have originally included allowing the professional hockey team he owns to take slapshots at a guy in a fat suit, he saw the potential and gave the stunt the green light.
--Todd Gallagher, WSJ, on thinking outside the box in hockey. I won't give away the punchline in this post; the full article must be read to appreciate the experiment's results.

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