Sunday, February 3, 2008

Jokes that aren't jokes

On Friday morning [at Davos] I went to a breakfast with President Musharraf from Pakistan to hear him speak. At the beginning of the breakfast, one of his friends and supporters began to introduce him by saying that he had to deliver the bad news to Musharraf that his reputation wasn't so good in the west and that he needed to do events like this one to communicate with people better. Then he went on to say how sometimes when someone delivers bad news like that, you shoot the messenger, but Musharraf was kind and didn't shoot him.

Musharraf's first words after that:

"But I do shoot people..."

Everyone in the room simultaneously looked shocked and started laughing.

It was clearly intended to be a joke, but wow.
--Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook note, on his favorite moment at Davos

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