Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Tiger yawn

[Even] as Tiger Woods was in the process of winning the U.S. Open on a bum knee, a certain minority of people seemed eager to believe that Tiger might somehow be faking the whole thing.

Of course, we now know this to be an absurd notion. Tiger is going to miss the remainder of the 2008 season because of his injuries, a broken leg and a torn knee ligament, and all those people -- including, apparently, fellow PGA Tour player Retief Goosen -- who believed Tiger was engaged in some elaborately choreographed play of grimaces and fist pumps are especially disappointed.

And yet I have to admit I felt a little hollow, as well. Because if Tiger Woods had somehow faked his injury, it would have been the most interesting thing he's ever done that isn't directly related to the swing of a golf club.
--Michael Weinreb,, on the bland persona of Tiger Woods

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