Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Kids these days


I'm afraid that I've been receiving dozens of complaints regarding the noise level of amorous activities taking place in the college. We might live in a concrete building, but it sometimes sounds like the walls are made of paper. So please be considerate about this, as it's really awkward for people to have to talk about this (or write about it in an email, as the case may be). Second, I've also been receiving complaints from people both in Stiles and Lawrance regarding sexiling, as people are being asked (or forced) to leave their bedrooms. This should not be happening on a regular basis, as both roommates are entitled to the space, and therefore this practice should be kept to a minimum. Also, a word about weed. Smoking marijuana is not only illegal and harmful to your own health (and academic success, much of the time), but also has an adverse impact on your neighbors, who might not be thrilled to be breathing in your life decisions, so if I continue to receive complaints about this, my response will be swift and merciless.


--E-mail sent by Ezra Stiles College Dean Jennifer Wood

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