Monday, March 2, 2009

Cheap charity marketing

I was drinking Tropicana orange juice this morning. The company has a clever marketing campaign. If you go to its website and type in the code on the Tropicana carton, Tropicana will set aside 100 square feet of rain forest to preserve on your behalf. ...

I calculate that the land my daughter saved in the Amazon this morning was worth about 11 cents. When I asked my daughter how much she thought the land was worth, she said $20. When I asked my wife, she guessed $5. Whenever a company can give away something worth 11 cents that people think is worth $5, they are doing something right.

The most remarkable thing of all is that even after we figured out that the rain forest we saved would only cost 11 cents, we still felt good about the fact that there was this little patch of land as big as the room we were eating breakfast in that we had saved.
--Steve Levitt, Freakonomics blog, on value creation over breakfast

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