Sunday, March 15, 2009

Two-handed bowling

[Jason] Belmonte has been the amateur World Bowler of the Year twice (2004 and '07). He has bowled 34 perfect games and competed in 19 countries. His average is 230. ...

Belmonte's unorthodox style, simply, is power bowling. He slips two fingers in the ball, never using his thumb. He rears back from the right side with both hands and slingshots the ball toward the pins. Only at the very last moment does he release the left hand. It's all about spin; most pros get 400 revolutions per minute on the ball, but Belmonte can hit 630. Consequently, more energy hits the pins. ...

Other two-handers are thriving. The Bolivian national team switched to the two-handed style and had its best showing ever. Using the technique, a 10-year-old kid from Ohio, Chaz Dennis, became the youngest player to roll a perfect 300 game. Osku Palermaa, a Finnish two-hand bowler who gets even more revolutions on the ball than Belmonte, has thrived in Europe.
--Stan Grossfeld, Boston Globe, on the latest innovation in bowling technique

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