Thursday, June 11, 2009

No, it's really not a girdle

It was only a matter of time before shapewear took on men's wear. A new phenomenon we'll call the mirdle (short for man girdle) is now starting to take off. For the past few years, underwear companies such as Aussie Bum and 2(X)ist have been producing undergarments designed to slim, lift, or enhance. Last year, Saks Fifth Avenue began carrying the 2(X)ist Spandex briefs and tops that keep love handles under control. In July, they'll start carrying another mirdle product, the Wondershirt.

The trick with men, however, is that you can't call a girdle a girdle. You have to stress that it has other benefits, like it will help with posture (I know so many men who are concerned about their posture) or a sore back. At least that's what the Wondershirt folks are doing. Cofounder Corie Chung fesses up that she knows the product will sound more desirable to men if the shirt is marketed as sportswear rather than shapewear.
--Christopher Muther, Boston Globe, on imperfect substitutes for time at the gym

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