Friday, October 9, 2009

Star Trek plot holes

Inside the mega-enormous Romulan battlecruiser are open areas with thousand-foot drops. Cavernous spaces seem improbable aboard starships; in vessel design, space is always at a premium. At any rate, the open areas with thousand-foot drops are crossed by narrow footbridges that lack guardrails. If for some reason your mega-enormous starship really needed internal areas with places where you could fall to your death, why would you span them with footbridges that lack guardrails? The Romulans who designed the ship wouldn't want to fall off their own footbridges -- which needless to say is what happens to the Romulan bad guy who fights New Improved Kirk. For years, TMQ has inveighed against the puzzling absence of guard rails in science fiction, especially in the Star Wars saga.
--Gregg Easterbrook,, on the need for OSHA in the future

At the end of the previous Trek movie, when another Romulan mega-enormous starship was also preparing to destroy Earth, what did the Enterprise do? Beamed over two guys, Picard and Data, bearing small arms. Why not beam a nuclear bomb onto these suddenly numerous Romulan mega-ships? That anyone possessing teleportation technology would skip the whole heroic-assault business and just beam bombs onto enemy vessels has never been dealt with in Star Trek scriptwriting.
--Gregg Easterbrook,, as 23rd century military tactician

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