Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The cost of cupcakes

For each cupcake she sells, Ms. [Porche] Lovely figures she spends 60 cents on ingredients, 57 cents on mortgage payments and utilities, 48 cents on labor, 18 cents on packaging and merchant fees, 16 cents on loan repayment, 24 cents for marketing, 18 cents for miscellaneous expenses and 4 cents for insurance. That totals $2.45, leaving a potential profit of 55 cents on each $3 cupcake. ...

She spends 80 hours a week baking and minding the shop, noting ruefully, “This is that $10-an-hour job you didn’t think you’d ever have again.”

It’s uphill, she conceded, adding, “I still live in my brother’s basement.”
--Elizabeth Olson, NYT, on how not to get rich

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