Thursday, December 24, 2009

Tail, meet space between legs

Jason Bay has rejected the latest contract offer from the Red Sox and is prepared to "move on," said his agent Joe Urbon.

In a story first reported by Fox Sports, Urbon ratcheted up the rhetoric. "We don't agree with their evaluation of the player," Urbon said. "Frankly, we have other offers on the table that are of greater interest to Jason."
--Peter Abraham, Boston Globe, December 12

The Red Sox spent in the vicinity of $100 million dollars today for two players, longtime Angels frontline starter John Lackey and likable veteran outfielder /defensive whiz Mike Cameron. ...

When [Bay's] agent, Joe Urbon, slapped his cards on the table Saturday and said his client was ready to "move on," little did he know that Epstein was prepared to call his bluff and bloodlessly move on himself with such cold and precise execution. We didn't know what he wanted to do; turns out he sure as hell did, and you can't help but wonder how Bay feels about his agent's negotiating tactic today. Here's hoping he doesn't do anything drastic. Someone needs to tell him that it's not a coincidence that "Met" rhymes with "regret."
--Chad Finn, Boston Globe, December 15

Free agent Jason Bay’s options haven’t been very good this offseason, so his agent, Joe Urbon, who turned down the Red Sox’ four-year, $60 million offer earlier this month, has been going back to the Sox in an effort to keep his client in a ballpark where he was not only happy but where he put up big numbers.
--Nick Cafardo, Boston Globe, December 24, on one agent's pwnage

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