Saturday, January 30, 2010

We can't solve our problems at home, so...

In one small step for preservation and one giant leap of logic, the official historical commission of California voted Friday to protect two small urine collection devices, four space-sickness bags and dozens of other pieces of detritus, all currently residing nearly a quarter of a million miles from the state [on the Moon].

This is not a joke. I repeat, Houston, not a joke. ...

“I think there’s a threat from private companies,” [state historic preservation office Milford Wayne] Donaldson said. “And with today’s technology, they could probably pinpoint this.”

That said, Mr. Donaldson admitted that there were no “space cops” available to safeguard the state’s newest historical resource. But, like the Apollo astronauts themselves, he seemed optimistic that Friday’s vote might lead to bigger and better things.
--Jesse McKinley, NYT, on California's extraterrestrial jurisdiction. If California state university officials have the power to end wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, then why not?

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