Monday, February 22, 2010

Krugman's partisan vitriol

If [Paul Krugman] is writing his column, he will start it on the morning of the day it’s due, and, if the spirit is with him, he will be done soon after lunch. When he has a draft, he gives it to [his wife Robin] Wells to edit... [T]hese days she focusses on making him less dry, less abstract, angrier. Recently, he gave her a draft of an article he’d done for Rolling Stone. He had written, “As Obama tries to deal with the crisis, he will get no help from Republican leaders,” and after this she inserted the sentence “Worse yet, he’ll get obstruction and lies.” ... Here and there, she suggested things for him to add. “This would be a good place to flesh out the vehement objections from the G.O.P. and bankers to nationalization,” she wrote on page 9. “Show us all their huffing and puffing before you dismiss it as nonsense in the following graf.”

On the rare occasion when they disagree about something, she will be the one urging him to be more outraged or recalcitrant. ...

Wells... was so upset when Reagan was elected that she moved to England...
--Larissa MacFarquhar, New Yorker, on one explanation for why the Krugman of today is not the Krugman I loved to read in the 1990s

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