Friday, March 12, 2010

Go to your 25th reunion

Reunions are things that Jim [Auran, Harvard class of 1979] feels very strongly about, especially the 25th, the crowning anniversary of them all. “For 25 years I’ve had people tell me that the best week of their lives was their 25th reunion. I thought, well, you know, I guess I’m going to be let down.” Jim is exuberant and he starts talking quickly. “It was like going to Disney World!”

The reunions force roommates to get together. Everyone looks better, he says, more professional: the girls more mature, guys not bald yet and without paunches. You drop your car off and the football team comes and carries your bag. There is a gazebo in the Yard. The weather, of course, is always nice. ...

Ed [Harris ’79] came back too. One of the things that he says surprised him about the reunion was how little everybody had changed, how they had the same basic personalities.

But when asked if he’s kept in touch with his roommates he answers, “No.” He pauses. “We really haven’t kept in touch very well.” It was different in those days, he says, without e-mail or cell phones, and people spread out across the continent. “I’m very sorry we didn’t because, like I said, we were very good friends. Except for my wife, they were the best friends I’ve ever had.”
--Mark Chiusano, Harvard Crimson, on the best reunion of them all

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