Saturday, March 6, 2010

Helicopter parenting to adults

[Lesley] Mitler is offering a high-end service that hopes to find a thriving market in unemployed 20-somethings. For $400 an hour, she is coaching recent college graduates in how to land their first job. Her business, Priority Candidates, has teamed up with Greenberg Educational Group, a tutoring company in New York that already specializes in SAT prep and college advising.

If Ms. Mitler’s model works, it will be because of those young people’s anxious parents, the ones who already have jobs, presumably good ones, and are tearing their nails out as their children move back in indefinitely. ...

Wealthy New York parents’ appetite for paying to provide an edge over the competition now kicks in earlier than ever, with prep services for preschool admissions a growing field. So perhaps it’s inevitable that private tutoring extend into adulthood as well.
--Susan Dominus, NYT, on the lucrative business of preying on parental anxieties

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