Saturday, March 20, 2010

Marathoner vs. car

I decided to see if I could drive the [Los Angeles] marathon course in my car — street for street, turn for turn — during weekday morning rush hour, in a time faster than elite runners could run it on race day. Abraham told me those runners will finish the course in about 2 hours 8 minutes and that he thought I didn't stand a chance, adding that organizers had considered minting a T-shirt that read: "It's faster to run it than drive it." ...

"Two hours … two minutes 19 seconds."

Yes, the good news is that I did the 26.2-mile course in 2:02:19, a good six minutes faster than the probable winner Sunday (though probably half an hour or so slower than the wheelchair winner).

The bad news is that it took two hours and two minutes to go 26 miles in L.A.
--Steve Lowery, L.A. Times, on the "speed" of L.A. traffic. HT: Alex Tsai

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