Friday, May 7, 2010

The downside of full-body scanners

We don't know whether the average air traveler has any privacy issues to worry about when using those full-body scanners increasingly being installed in airports, but this story is a little alarming for anyone who actually works with the TSA screeners who examine those images. At least if you have a small penis.

Rolando Negrin, a TSA employee working in Miami International Airport, was training with the new scanner with his co-workers recently. After Negrin walked through the machine, his co-workers starting mocking him about the size of his penis. Negrin couldn't take it, snapped, and attacked one of his co-workers with a police baton. Now he's been arrested, and instead of just a few wiseasses at the TSA, everyone knows about his undersized penis, because of jerks who write about it on the Internet. So if you have a small penis, and you're wondering whether you should pursue a career as a TSA screener, the answer is probably not. The end.
--Dan Amira, New York, on easily foreseen unintended consequences

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