Friday, August 13, 2010

Unionized post-docs

On Thursday, those 6,500 postdoc researchers stepped into the national spotlight with the announcement that they had ratified by an overwhelming margin their first union contract with the [University of California] system. The action comes after an arduous organizing and negotiating effort that began four years ago. The pay raises are not huge, but experts say the contract will significantly change the research workplace environment at the 10 UC campuses and potentially across much of American academia. ...

The contract between UC and a union affiliated with the United Auto Workers is the first free-standing one of its kind in the country and affects by far the most researchers, according to UC and union officials. Researchers at a couple of other U.S. universities previously won union contracts, but in connection with other groups of campus employees, they say.
--Larry Gordon, LA Times, on the increased probability of future post-doc strikes

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