Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Most watched World Series ever?

I hear it from fans all the time: "All you see on FOX are the Yankees and Red Sox. Show us some other teams!"

Well, here you go.

There will be no East Coast bias or any other bias in a World Series pitting the AL West champion Texas Rangers and the NL West champion San Francisco Giants.

Now let's see how many watch.

Go ahead, accuse me of being a shill for my network. My response would be, "Put up or shut up."

If everyone's so sick of the Yankees and Red Sox – and the Phillies and Cubs and certain other high-profile clubs – then the Series should draw record ratings.

The reality is, people talk about wanting to see less prominent teams on FOX, ESPN and TBS, but they don't watch in nearly the same numbers when those teams are shown.
--Ken Rosenthal, Fox Sports, on teams we like to watch

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