Thursday, November 11, 2010

Koreans on David Chang

Those who have or haven’t been to [David Chang's] Momofuku restaurants in Manhattan should know that on the subject of this superstar chef, the Koreans are split. Go figure.

Important taste-buds are dazzled by unctuous Berkshire pork stews accented with the bright, tart, scarlet strands of pickled cabbage. Plenty of people delight in the toothsomeness of roasted glutinous rice cakes complemented by the impossibly green taste of scallions cast in this light. But others of us — or our mothers and aunts — have performed such sleights of hand in our own homes. We know that rice cakes are pre-fabricated and sometimes shipped frozen, and that being heralded for adding kimchi to butter is akin to granting a patent for slicing hot dogs atop blue-box mac-and-cheese.
--Mary H.K. Choi, NYT, on gussied up home cooking

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