Monday, November 8, 2010

Perpetual liberal anxieties

These are difficult times at The Nation, and not just because liberals are in retreat. Lately the magazine has suffered a one-two punch. On top of political malaise, it faces the economic pressures that political journals often confront when the party in power is on their side. ...

No weekly magazine tracked by the Media Industry Newsletter has lost more pages of advertising this year than The Nation.

As of Nov. 8, ad pages were down 30 percent compared with last year’s figures, remarkable even though advertising accounts for only a 10th of the revenue. Traffic to has also declined recently. And since 2008, the magazine has run an operating deficit of about $500,000 a year. ...

[National editor and publisher] Ms. vanden Heuvel is showing few signs of worry.

“Am I a believer that The Nation will survive another 150 years? Yes, I am,” she said. Then she paused as a pang of classic liberal anxiety hit her. “Unless there’s a nuclear war.”
--Jeremy Peters, NYT, on things that don't change

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