Saturday, September 10, 2011

Demand will be satisfied, one way or another

In recent years, the state [California] has restricted the calories, fat, saturated fat and sugar in à la carte items for sale in the [public school] cafeterias. Novato Unified School District has gone beyond the state’s requirements, even abolishing chocolate milk.

Yet, as the school lunch offerings in the cafeteria have become more restrictive, snack food trucks have moved in, sometimes as many as four at a time. And the drivers have been aggressively pursuing the business, even paying the students to save the best parking spots for them, said Rey Mayoral, the principal of Novato High.
The food trucks have hurt the school cafeterias’ bottom line. Last year, lunch sales in middle and high schools in the district were down by 12 percent. ...

This year, chocolate chip cookies are back on the menu in the school cafeteria, in hopes of luring students back.
--Katharine Mieszkowski, NYT, on supply meeting demand