Sunday, December 11, 2011

The HBS lifestyle... and its cure

At some point in the process of developing a start-up, every small business owner has to dedicate themselves to their new trade. For Brenna S. Haysom [Harvard College] ’00, that meant four to five hangovers a week for months as she attempted to hone in on the perfect flavor for her new drug

Finally, that work has paid off, and Blowfish, a hangover cure, is now being offered online and is already being sold in some stores in New York. ...

Haysom returned to Cambridge to attend Harvard Business School, graduating in 2006. During her second stint at Harvard, she began researching potential hangover cures.

“I was a lot more social when I was in business school than as an undergrad,” Haysom said. “[Hangovers were] something I started doing a lot of research around, just in my own personal habits.” ...

The final product created by Rally Labs includes caffeine and aspirin to give the consumer energy and relieve pain and antacids to help the stomach recover from the alcohol. The product comes in the form of an effervescent tablet.
--Jacob Feldman, Harvard Crimson, on a candidate for inclusion in MBA welcome packets