Sunday, April 22, 2012

Why the Boston sushi scene is mediocre

But just because sushi is everywhere in Boston doesn’t mean it’s good.

“ ‘Where should I go for the best sushi?’ I’m asked this question a lot,” says Merry White, a professor of anthropology at Boston University who specializes in food and Japan. “I have a snarky answer. Go to Logan and get on a plane. But that’s not helpful.” ...

“We have the fish, we have a population that’s pretty well-educated and sophisticated, and we have people from all over the world,” White says. “But we don’t have a significant Japanese business population, especially since the 1991 economic downturn. The first wave of sushi [in the US] went to places where there were high-flying businessmen. We got the second wave, which is cheerful and cheap sushi.”
--Devra First, Boston Globe, on the surprising dearth of good sushi in Boston