Monday, March 4, 2013

Learning your father is famous

Until I was six years old I didn't realize what it was that my father did for a living. The news was broken to me by a playmate at school.

That night, when Dad came home from work and flopped into his easy chair, I approached him with awe. Then doubt crept in. He didn't look famous to me, he just looked tired.

So I asked a crucial question. "Daddy, are you Walt Disney?"

"Yes, honey," he replied.

"I mean, are you the Walt Disney?"

He nodded. So it was true!

"Daddy," I said, "please give me your autograph."

That scene was played many years ago, but my father still recalls it with enjoyment.

"It gave me a thrill," he says now. "I had fought for recognition at home, with your mother and your sister and the nurses and all the aunts. When I finally got it—even if it was from a six-year-old—it was a triumph. I mean a man has to put up a fight when he's surrounded by females."
--Diane Disney Miller on learning your father's name