Sunday, April 7, 2013

The pain of love unrequited

So I ignored Kevin’s texts and calls, patiently waiting for him to realize we really were supposed to be together. When I was back home for New Year’s I made sure every status advertised my whereabouts for the night. How else was he going to burst in at midnight to tell me he couldn’t live without me? Spoiler alert: he didn’t.

Subsequently, I decided to move to New York, where 20-somethings who no longer believe in love go to pursue more attainable goals, like being a stand-up comic. One day I awoke to an e-mail from my parents; the basketball hoop in my front yard had been knocked over during a storm and they decided to remove it completely.

I took this as a sign to officially abandon the plan. This time I cut Kevin out of my life completely and began to focus on more important things, like my blossoming waitressing career.
--Marina Shifrin, NYT, on making a stone of your heart