Friday, January 31, 2014

When Phillips Exeter students eat chocolate from a dumpster

Lindt is well-known for its luxury candy products, but Exonians have recently found a way around the price tag.

In a practice commonly referred to as “dumpster diving,” students have been retrieving expired chocolates from dumpsters behind the local Lindt outlet despite the disapproval of the company. Dumpster diving is not limited to the Lindt outlet—students have also found items ranging from speakers to old license plates in nearby dumpsters.

Lindt has posted signs of trespassing on their property and warned that they will press charges against anyone who trespasses in such a fashion. ...

Another student, who also wishes to remain anonymous, said that Exonians began dumpster diving after a school project required them to find waste and then convince companies to make constructive use of it.
--Joonho Jo, Emily LaRovere, Tommy Song, and Sam Tan, The Exonian, on the spartan prep school life. HT: Yale Daily News