Thursday, June 25, 2015

Taylor Swift announces she will no longer review for Nature

In what is seen as the opening shot of a global superstar revolt against the establishment, Taylor Swift announced on her twitter feed earlier today that she was no longer content to review papers for Nature without adequate compensation for her time.

Ms. Swift, who is a regular reviewer for the journal on such diverse research topics as Particle Physics, Molecular Medicine and the use of mobile phone data to track infectious disease epidemics, has long been critical of the highly-profitable journal Nature having a policy of giving reviewers a subscription to the journal in return for doing a review.

“I can get Nature for free on the internet, everybody puts the papers on their own websites now anyway”, said the singer of worldwide mega-hit “Shake it off”.

“It’s just not cutting it any more to give me a year’s subscription. I want money.”
--The Allium on the referee's plight. HT: KS